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How to Remove WebSite X5 Professional 10's name in my site

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Buy professional version and remove the generator tag settings. That is one solution.

Open each page in notepad and manually remove the generator tag. This is another solution.

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I have purchased Professional 10 but

<metaname="generator"content="Incomedia WebSite X5 Professional -"/>

is still in code! How do I remove it?

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Hello Bjorn,

Go to the 'Preferences' section of WebSite X5, which is accessed via the menu on the left hand side of the very first (start-up) screen.

Untick the box marked 'Automatically add the Generator Metatag'  -  then press OK to exit the Preferences.

Open your project within the program, then hold the 'CTRL' key down whilst entering the preview (top-right of screen).

Finally, export your project to the server in Step 5.

Kind regards,


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Thx! :)

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