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Experience and opinion about the new Website X5 Evolution 10

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Here you can share your experience and opinion about the new version 10 of Website X5.

Starting with ours:

We just bought the software a few days ago, and immedieately started to dig in deep. Woow, fantastic UI, the well-known menus and steps, everything seems alright. At first glance.

First, we imported one of our main projects, including a webshop, galleries, some slideshow elements. Wanted to convert to HTML5 and some mouse hover effects, and overall optimize. And our jaw fell.

Starting with header, place a Slideshow - and it can not be seen. Never. Ever. Okay, ask Incomedia, answer - try the Beta.

Then, working with pictures, tried to add mouse hover effects. None working. Ask Incomedia, answer - try the Beta.

Habba-habba, working on, try to add the blog. Oops, no blog posts can not be seen. Ask Incomedia, answer - guess! Try the BETA!

This was the point when I gave up. We did not buy a BETA software, but a fully promoted new version. Want to use this fantastic application but we can not because of some half-ready state. It was soooo promisig but at the end it is disappointment to us. We suppose Incomedia should have wait for a month or so for testing first, then, only then release it.

Curious about others opinion, share it!

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Yes, same experience but I have to add this as a balanced comment. Yes, there are things which boil the blood, however I was one of the many which had the same experiences with V9. Beta testing! or Guinnea Pigs? When you buy the new release, I must say you are and I am very much Guinnea pigs that is a fact. Inconmedia address the real world problems of the V10 user with sub-releases. Generally towards the end of the Version updates things work well and then they release the next version. I refuse to take part in the Beta - they must pay me for that!

Time is money!

These issues will be fixed in the near future as more complain, be patient your problem will be answered.

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Hello Procont,

We are sorry to have told you to use the beta update. It was only to fix the issue present with the hungarian language easier for you. In this Version there is a char that causes this issue in javascript with the Hungarian language. To make it work without the Beta you  go in step 1 and click on the button to the right of the "content language" selection and then modify the ID Field admin_guestbook with another text. The one which is present is causing the block of Javascript and if you add another it will work. We are trying to give to the customers the best product and in a way that they can immediatly work on it and so we suggested the Beta update to make it easier for you to continue to enjoy our program. These beta updates are not released for testing them for us but to give a fast working version when it's necessary and then release them as stable Version but before they are offered as beta update they have been already tested internally to not release to ther customers an update that could harm their projects.

If you require any further information, please feel free to write back.

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 Thank you for your comments!

We understand beta testing, and no problem with it - before the release of course. Just have a look at game releases - giving beta keys, testing, feedback, discounts to testers and then release. Business done.

Anyways, we can hardly wait the updates and hope everything will be fine. Next time we will pay more attention and buy later.

Regardless the problems, V8 and V9 are still rock.

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